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Coins Rating Location / origination Email/Twitter Notes / $ = Source code (Github, Etherscan) $ WhoIs
Coins on Exchanges    BTC A Satoshi Nakamoto team, USA   The original standard has become slow with high fees * $ Priv  ETH A Vitalik Buterin, USA @VitalikButerin Smart contracts, platform for many crypto projects $ Yes Cash BCH A- Roger Ver, St. Kitts   First venture capital funder of digital currency projects $ Priv
Z.Cash ZEC A Zooko Wilcox, transparent emphasizes privacy $ Yes XMR A Riccardo Spagni and emphasizes privacy $ Yes XVG A Twitter emphasizes privacy $ Yes A US Charles Hoskinson and smart team Twitter (Charles H.) Dev team with excellent degrees and qualifications $ Yes A Ayur Veda, Felix Kaegi Financed health products, and a share in an AG    
Envion EVN token A Envion is a Swiss-based blockchain startup from Berlin
Good use case, portable miners in low cost locations   Yes


B Dan Larimer Social media platform.
Earn Steemit dollars while posting and getting Likes
Stellar Lumens  XLM A Stanford, IBM   Global payment system A Richard Heart   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - useful proof of work   Yes A Enter "yeshayah" A User friendly site and 24/7 support Waves is the native token, includes creating and trading coins    
Atlas USV B Tai Lopez's project  $497 investment in Whales Course for weekly Zomo classes   Yes XRP B Chris Larsen, Ripple Labs, SF, CA 94104  Twitter used by banks including AmEx, no limite to XRPs created, controlled by 1 company. Has risen high though.  Banker's crypto?   Yes
Electronium ETN B mineable by mobile phone        
Matic coin B Admin keys have back door to the system        
ByteBall B Tony Churyumoff  Twitter
Smart contracts made simple
But Tony owns too many coins, and changed model
Polygon C Polygon owns the keys        
IOTA C Dominik Schiener  Twitter Wallet does not work. Website slow to load - too much flash. Does not accomplish stated goal as shown by
Richard Heart says Iota lost money from the wallet
  Yes  HEX D Richard Heart, USA @Hexcrypto Telegram ETH based, stakes avg 40% interest/year, 1st blockchain CD staking failed to stop crash to 3 cents, RH owns 88%, OGs did well, but has been a Ponzi since Sept 2021 $ Yes D No names found yet of founder or staff
Based in Panama
 Twitter Lists people on their Executive Team without their knowledge or permission.  Lists "Potential Partners"   Yes F Scam rug pull with admin keys        
EmCoin.Net F Based in Aba, Nigeria. Registrant Phone: +234.070 6151 2097 Sadly, a Pump & Dump. After a lot of adverts, it closed   Yes BCC F Based in Panama. Trading bot system, early joiners profit, not later people   BCC = BitConnectCoin.  Under investigation by SEC / TX
BitConnectX is a $50 ICO (too high) Closing

Coins In Progress

   token A Nicholas Nicholson, Sean Brizendine Domain Trusts, blockchain-based business models   Yes PLS D Richard Heart, USA Vapor ware "fork of ETH", DPOS, low fees, faster transactions, missed deadline, RH wasting money and owns trillions of PLS    
In evaluation for certification...            
Tron   Justin Sun  Twitter  Watch it trading here
District0x    Matus Lestan, co Founder, Tech lead
 Watch it trading here
Dent      Twitter      


   B Initiative Q payment network        
Altcoin.Io A Decentralized   Decentralized exchange , can't be hacked   Yes
Binance.US / A  JP CEO Changpeng Zhao x widely used, no major problems, moved from China to Japan,
Binance.US is for USA customers, with KYC. 10 day hold on ACH
  Yes A  UK, Luxemburg one of largest   Yes B  US, Seattle. Submit a token for listing here  Twitter halted new registrations for now
some reports of inside hacks
  Yes A  CEO, Kim jae-wook, Seoul, Korea widely used, no major problems   Yes B  British Virgin Islands widely used, some problems. Appears to have an excellent interactive tutorial in the trading area   Yes A  Paris, France. widely used, no major problems. Does not serve the USA   Yes
A  US Juan Suarez, Coinbase, SF, CA Good intro to BCT, BCH,ETH,LTC. Has gotten overloaded with customers  $US but customer service is still good.
Requires a lot of KYC verification
  Yes A  Scottsdale, AZ. works with good, seems to have no problems or major complaints   Yes
CoinPayments.Net A  Panama, Lawrence Chan  Add a coin Accept over 165 coins for only 0.5%. They provide services for people doing an ICO, plugins to enable shopping carts to accept cryptocurrencies, and a payment request/invoice maker   Yes A+ Cyprus, London, Tel Aviv, NJ, Sydney, Shanghai   USD can go in for trading, then out through USD, but no send or receive of crypto A US Winkelvoss Twins, NY NY certified, well known management
Customer support a bit back logged though. $US
  Yes A Kr A US based, large volume Jesse Powell "world's largest"   Yes A- Does not work in USA A US based in L.A. A FN helps people meet up Find someone in your local area to exchange with A NAT token for exchange A US based widely used, no major problems    
ShapeShift.Io A Erik Vorhees, Robert Garrett, USA
  Easy web site to transfer from one digital currency to another.   Yes A Switch between many different currencies B UK 2014, used by RS, but no longer serves USA, cannot cash out, web site error    
CEX.IO B Was running mining pool but closed it. B      
www.Quadrita F  C  Based in Finland -- under review  Twitter x
Just a news site   Yes
Poly Network D danger   has Admin keys that could be hacked    
CryptoRush F scalping        
In review:            
   F closed by authorities for no license       No F Korea widely used, closed    
Cryptopia.Co.NZ F  NZ  Twitter widely used, but got Hacked   No F India Twitter F   now dead F India   closed F exchange closed up and left       No F exchange closed for repairs   "Updating our system, be back shortly" since 2016   No F exchange closed up and left       No
Apps    A     Over 2000 coins   Yes
Coin-Data A     Over 2000 coins   Yes
Mining Pools:    B Hong Kong   One of the largest BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, ZEC
does not pass along transaction fees
  Priv A United Kingdom   Fast payouts   Yes A  A     One of first to offer BCH. BTC, LTC, Dash, ZEC F pool closed   Once was the world's largest, now gone    
Miners:    A Hong Kong, delivers well   Good customer service, shipping, exchanges    
WiFi Antennas A Wifi_Expert   MiniPCI U.FL to RP-SMA Antenna WiFi Pigtail Cable B  D Late on deliveries, clo sed by FTC
Leawood, KS
Slow deliveries, broken shipment promises
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs):    A+ Richard Heart, trustworthys A Switzerland,   Good, new idea, helps environment, full disclosure   Yes B   B          
PowerSupplies    A Ontario CA  Brian Hsu   Works great, good tech support   Yes A     Good tech support, honors warranty   Yes A         Yes
Hardware / Offline Storage    A     First, excellent, easy to use
Getting to be high price
  Yes A-     Good, a bit hard to navigate and connect with wallet
NanoX has a batter which may go dead, losing crypto
NanoS has no battery
  Yes A+ Security on the block chain       Yes
Exodus.Io A JP Richardson, Dimejet, Mt. View, CA
  Runs on your computer, saves to a flash device.   Yes
Opportunities    F Ponzi   No
Usi-Tech F Ponzi        
Google Authenticator A 2FA   works well, no problems reported    
Authy A 2FA   works well, no problems reported    
BlockChain.Info A  A     unbiased, wide variety of info A-     biased to BTC A-     biased to BCH A  A     lists top 100 coins by market cap A Example: post by BC   good forum for exchange of ideas and warnings A          

Commentators (YouTube, DTube) Rating Location / origination Notes WhoIs
Andreas Antonopoulus A Cyprus @aantonop Very generous and experienced commentator.  Faculty of U of Nicosia Masters in Digital Currency Yes
Andy Hoffman A US Daily broadcast  Yes
Adam Meister A- Baltimore, MD BitcoinMeister consulting 100% for holding BTC even when price goes down Yes
Chris Dunn A US Intro to bitcoins, alt coins Yes
Crypto Analyst        
CryptoCrow - Jason Appleton A US Gives many videos about trading about every day, a bit too many personal details Yes
Crypto Jack A-     Yes
Data Dash A US Knowledgable about Bitcoin trading and Fibonacci Retracement levels Yes
David Hay A UK Daily tips about Bitcoin and other currencies Yes
Doug Polk A US Daily broadcasts about crypto Yes
Erik Voorhees A US @ErikVoorhees founder  
Jane King A US JaneKingShow  
Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert A US  @MaxKeiser RT Economics experts with daily broadcast, early into BTC Yes
Michael Suppo (SuppoMan) A UK Cheerful, knowledgeable, gives many videos and $10 Udemy course Yes
Mike Alfred A US    
Peter Saddington A+ US Decentralized TV first to buy Lambo with BTC   TheBitcoin.Pub  Yes
Roger Ver A Japan, Kitts  @RogerKVer First investor in Bitcoin businesses Yes
Rick Falkvinge A Swe, Ger  @Falkvinge We Are All Satoshi channel  
Sheldon Evans A UK Good predictor of the market  
Jason Sterling A US Gives a trading seminar  
Jordi Alexander A US    
Taylor Kennedy A US Hex and Pulse expert, helps beginners on Telegram chat Yes
Teeka Tiwari A US Editor, Palm Beach Confidential Yes
World Crypto Network A US Today in Bitcoin.  Great speakers Yes
James Altucher B US Sells his course rather than gives knowledge  
Tone Vays B US Trading instructor but says he has no time to trade Yes
BitBoy B US Often pushes altcoins of the week  
Richard Heart C US 100's of videos, sometimes with naughty words, founder of pump and dump Hex and vapor ware Pulsechain, 80%+ owned by him.  Called BTC top Yes
Anna Macko C VI

Many people get rekt while trading on margins


Craig S. Wright

D Australia   @ProfFaustus Pretended to be Satoshi Yes
Wobit F Netherlands? Not licensed or regulated, pays for good reviews  


Consultants Coaches & Developers        
Nick Szabo A Seattle BitGold, Bitcoin developer  
BitcoinBox A HK    
BlockStream B   Bitcoin core team Yes
Rick Shaddock A Washington, DC How to get started, exchanges, backup, creating new coins (BitRaam) Yes
Sean B A LA, California BitRaam, BitCentavo, GuccioCaoin, etc. Yes
Billy Cretan A New York, NY TomahawkCoin Yes
Matthew Mitchell A+ London, UK Digital currency developer, SHA-256 Yes
Tony D'Sousa, PhD B California Digital currency marketing Yes
Mayank (pending pending California Web site design and consulting  
Ricky Dubey A California Web site design and consulting  
Investment Advisors        


Other Lists to Help the Public

BadBitcoin.Org - a great list of scams to avoid - only used licensed brokers Wall of Shame

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Technology  - Is this project a true innovation and contribution to society, or just another copy of Bitcoin?  Does the wallet work (testing with 1000 coins or tokens)?

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